What are the Different Types of Silk

Welcome to the wonderful world of silk. Silk is a fabric that has a long history, and a huge variety of fabric variations. Each type of silk has its own characteristics that make it best suited for different uses. In this article, we will go over five common types of silk fabric and their characteristics based on different weave methods.

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Charmeuse Silk

Charmeuse is from the French word for charmer and glamourous. It is a special satin weave of silk that is shiny and lustrous on one side with a matte finish on the reverse. The composition of this fabric is mulberry silk, which has a natural pearl luster visually, is noble and elegant, and feels smooth, delicate, thick, and plump. It is very popular in nightgowns, dresses, silk scarves, and bedding products.

Silk Twill

Silk Twill fabric is mainly warp in twill weave, the warp and weft directions are not twisted, and the fabric surface has obvious oblique lines. The twill weave makes the fabric dense and durable, the texture is light and thin, and it feels soft. It is a type of silk fabric full of personality. Wearing silk twill feels more noble and restrained. Some of our women's silk scarves are made with this fabulous silk twill fabric.

Silk Brushed

Silk brushed fabric is also called Silk Flannel . It is made of mulberry silk, and developed with ultra-fine napping processing technology completely "changes the face" of traditional silk, breaking the limitation of not wearing a silk scarf in cold weather. It not only has a soft feel, a beautiful color, a more moderate texture, but also has a certain health care effect. Our Men's Autumn/Winter Silk Scarves are made with Silk Brushed fabric.

Silk Chiffon

Silk chiffon is a light, matt fabric made from fine twisted yarns, spaced out to make the fabric transparent. It is light, breathable, soft to the touch, has good air permeability and elegant feeling, and it feels like a fairy when worn.

Knitted Silk

Knitted Silk is made by the knitting process using yarn composed of real silk. This fabric has a high degree of comfort when in contact with the skin, it also has a smooth feel, and a lighter texture. T-shirts and underwear made with knitted silk are super skin-friendly and not easy to wrinkle. They have a stronger luster and comfort than other types of materials and are suitable for all seasons.

Gambiered Canton Gauze

Gambiered Canton Gauze, also known as Xiang Yun Sha Silk, is a traditional Chinese silk fabric. Renowned for its exquisite qualities, is often referred to as "soft gold".

This fabric is crafted by immersing mulberry silk in the essence of the Shulang plant, followed by meticulous treatments such as sedimentation and sun exposure. Through a delicate process of sand washing, it acquires a luxuriously soft and smooth texture, providing a soothing warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. Notably, this remarkable fabric possesses the unique ability to grow even softer and reveal increasingly defined patterns with each wear and wash.

It is important to note that the slight presence of irregular brown spots, patterns, and faint white marks on the fabric's surface is considered a normal characteristic resulting from the artisanal production of the fabric.